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KVH Industries via OceanHub Denmark
3 months ago

Accelerates Maritime Digitalization

Increased demand for the AgilePlansTM subscription-based Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) program from KVH Industries, Inc., (Nasdaq: KVHI) has been the driving force behind the company’s unprece... Read More
KVH Industries via OceanHub Denmark
6 months ago

Videotel Adds Online Training and Multi-device Support to Its Market-Lea...

KVH Industries: KVH VideotelTM has announced a major update to Videotel Performance ManagerTM (VPM) to now include fully integrated online training, making its award-winning content available whene... Read More

KVH Industries via OceanHub Denmark
8 months ago

KVH Strengthens its Leadership Position in the Maritime VSAT Market, Acc...

“Prospects for Maritime Satellite Communications,” by Euroconsult, shows KVH with nearly double the market share of its nearest VSAT competitor

About KVH Industries

KVH Industries, the world leader in maritime VSAT services, content and content delivery, and seafarer learning, offers a comprehensive suite of products and services that deli...


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