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Dellner Brakes AB Sweden
1 year ago

Dellner to launch new heavy duty SKD disc brakes at Nor-Shipping

Dellner Brakes AB is introducing two new heavy-duty disc brakes to its SKD range that, through a new modular design,... Read More
Dellner Brakes AB Sweden
1 year ago

Dellner electrical braking system is a world first

Dellner’s fully automated electrical STL (eSTL) braking system has been developed in response to an increasing global focus on environm... Read More
Dellner Brakes AB Sweden
1 year ago

Join the STL revolution with Dellner Brakes

Dellner Brakes' innovative STL systems are precision engineered in Sweden to facilitate faster directional changes wi... Read More
Dellner Brakes AB via OceanHub Sweden
1 year ago
Dellner Brakes’ stopping, turning and locking (STL) systems are precision engineered to enable faster directional changes with maximum manoeuvrability for marine vessels. They also help lower fuel consumption, reduce load on propulsion systems and makes routine maintenance quicker, easier and safer. Check out our video to s... See More
last 1 year ago
About Dellner Brakes AB

Dellner Brakes AB manufactures technologically advanced braking, turning and locking systems for the marine and offshore industries. Precision made in Sweden, Dellner’s brakes...

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