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Alfa Solution via OceanHub Norway
1 year ago
ProGardo Rust Remover has now worked for four hours and the metal is free from rust. The nut should probably have an hour or so more in the fluid before it's completely free from corrosion. »
Alfa Solution via OceanHub Norway
1 year ago
#PROGARDO UPDATE. After to hours
Alfa Solution via OceanHub Norway
1 year ago
NEWS ALERT! ProGardo rust Remover. Environmental friendly and effective. Save time and money. Just let ProGardo Rust Remover work by itself for four hours and metal is free from corrosion. Check with this little movie now. After four hours we'll be back with the results.
About Alfa Solution

Alfa Solution supplies the ultimate protection for storage and transportation. Alfa Solution is Scandinavia’s leading distributor of Premium shrink wrapping materials for scaf...

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